Game #1: The Draw A Tree Exercise

Draw a tree.



What kind of tree?  I don't care.  Any kind.  What kind of tree do you like?  What kind of tree are you good at drawing?

Look.  You're making more of this than you need to.  I don't care what kind of tree you draw.  I don't care how good an artist you are.  Let me be perfectly clear.  It's not about the type of tree or the quality of the finished art.  I just want to see how easy or hard it's going to be for us to share ideas.

I need to know if when I ask you to draw a tree am I asking clearly enough for you to be able to understand what I want and draw a tree?

We've got one shot at this.  Are we communicating here?  That's all I want to know.


Ya got it?

You know what I want?


So draw a tree.


[Don't click this button till you draw a tree.]