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Who Is AG?

My name is Anton Grosz and I am a study in apparent contradictions. I'm in my sixties but feel like I'm in my thirties, except for my knees which feel like they're in their eighties. I work out and swim several times a week but am still overweight, practice yoga and meditate but still eat meat and drink strong black coffee, and both love living and want to save the world. In the words of E. B. White, this last combination makes it very hard to plan the day. Keep these tidbits in mind, dear reader, for it's always a good idea to know where people are coming from who think they have something to teach.

Thirty plus years ago a white light exploded in my head and I suddenly knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that what I had accepted as reality for the first years of my life was not all that existed. There was another whole dimension of reality out there, one that I had put down and made fun of because it smacked of religion and fairy tales and gobbledygook. Now poof!, here I was, right in the middle of it, and much to my amazement, it was for real.

"Why?," I asked, "did I have to go so long without knowing the Truth?" And the little voice inside my head answered, "You have now stood on both sides of the river. If you had this knowledge from the beginning, how could you have shared it with anybody who didn't already know?" Fortunately, reason and logic told me very early on that I was not that special nor unique, and that any truth I might have been exposed to, however fantastic it might seem, must have been given to others as well. And so, rather than running out to preach what I'd gotten through my personal epiphany, I began studying.

I read the Holy Books of the world's religions and practiced their teachings, sat at the feet of enlightened masters of various faiths and received their initiations, meditated with indigenous people from around the world and embraced their totems, basked in hot tubs with mystics and psychics and opened myself to their auras. I even listened to the door-to-door proselytizers with their canned spiels. In short, I opened myself up to everyone, modern and ancient, who taught of a higher reality and compared what they had to say. Patterns began to emerge.

Equally importantly, as a long time practicing atheist, I examined the tenets and teachings of modern science. I studied cognitive science, quantum physics, and chaos theory, along with anthropology, linguistics, philosophy, and phenomenology. And to further broaden what I had gotten on my own, I moved to San Francisco and enrolled in the California Institute of Integral Studies, learning from and interacting with some of the major thinkers of our day, receiving a PhD in Philosophy and the Evolution of Consciousness along the way. And now, over three decades after my odyssey began, I am ready to share a most amazing fact.

Even though science and religion seem to be on opposite ends of a methodological spectrum, even though each discipline uses their own buzz words to reflect their specific beliefs and world views, they are really saying the same thing. Namely, there exists a singular, undefinable, universal Onenessthat connects and animates us all. Call it what you will, God, Grand Unification Theory, Tao, or Cosmic Muffin, it makes no difference. Helping you experience that Oneness for yourself does make a difference and is the challenge I hope to fulfill with The Higher Consciousness Blog, The Games of Consciousness website, and my book, The Roving I.

And that, my friends, is who I am and what my writings are all about. Without that life altering epiphany and the years of academic study and experiential mind-blowing experiences that followed, I'd have nothing to share on this subject that would be worth your time and effort to read. So open your minds, explore the boundaries of existence for yourself, and have fun.

Remember, there is nothing to be afraid of in exploring the vast reaches within your own consciousness and deciding what is valid and true for you. It is only the teacher who says their way is the only way that you have to fear.


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