Original words and concepts created for and used in Games of Consciousness and The Roving 'I'.

'I' "I" "I" First person pronouns used to describe different ways of self-reference. Similar to the way indigenous peoples of the Arctic have numerous words for 'snow' because the various nuances are so important to them.

  • 'I'- Individual self reference.
  • "I" - Universal self reference.
  • "I" - Self reference experiencing 'I' and "I" at the same time.

When the need arises, these modifications will be introduced into the text so you can know the sense of Self we’re talking about at any given time.

se - (pronounced "see") a singular third person pronoun that refers to someone when their gender is either not known or not an issue.  e.g. What pronoun should we use to refer to Dr. Jones, a psychologist whom we have never met? He? She? He/She? They?  English has used all of these and none of them truly satisfies.  If we are interested in Dr. Jones as a sentient being rather than Dr. Jones as a physical person, the language is sorely lacking.  It may seem jarring at first but it won't take long before it feels quite natural and proper to speak of a person and not have to reference their sexual plumbing.

Se can also be used in conferring life to non-human forms usually referred to via the inanimate "it", simply because English also does not have a pronoun denoting life that is not gender specific.  In this usage, se can reference any living being, physical, fictional, or spiritual, where genitalia is either not present, hasn't been examined, or doesn't matter.

Aha! experience, not a word, and not pronounceable.  It is used to indicate a flash of instantaneous, gut-feel, non-cognitive "knowing".  The closest translation into language might be "Aha!" or "Eureka!", but that's only the expression of the feeling, not the feeling itself.  Another definition would be ‘grok’. [Grok: (from Robert Heinlein’s 1961 novel, Stranger In A Strange Land,) a Martian word meaning to understand something so well that it is fully absorbed into oneself.]



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