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"Not since Douglas Harding's delightful book On Having No Head has such a book as Anton Grosz's The Roving I emerged. Grosz writes clearly and in a fun-loving spirit both instructing and gently pointing out how our thinking gets us into trouble with the utterance of one tiny sound, "I". Filled with anecdotal stories, philosophical meandering, and workbook activities for those who wish to experience a change in consciousness, this book should be useful for understanding integral consciousness and its importance for our time." -Fred Alan Wolf, star of "What The Bleep" and author of numerous books as Dr. Quantum
"As Dr. Grosz says, a new kind of awareness is spreading around the globe. The individual brains remain the same, but some of the inner blinders are being taken off. More and more people are discovering that reality is not the way they taught us in science class." -Willis W. Harman President, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Sausalito, California