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Dear Reader...

This website has a very simple premise. It goes like this:

A single source of consciousness permeates everything in the universe and is constantly evolving into diverse aspects of itself.

As a human being, when you feel your very existence, when you say "I", you are touching this conscious core that is shared by all.† When you realize your uniqueness, when you describe the things that set your "I" apart from all other "I"s, you are celebrating the diversity it creates.

Speaking of Words

"The path is blocked by vowels and consonants," said the Buddhist monk, Khana, over a thousand years ago.††

The problem, for starters, is that words hold different meanings for each one of us.† Even simple words we're sure we know create one meaning for me, the person writing them, and another for you, the person reading them.† If you donít believe this, try a very simple experiment.


Original words and concepts created for and used in Games of Consciousness and The Roving 'I'.

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