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"The meaning of something is derived from its relationship to a greater whole."

...Albert Low: Zen and Creative Management

Tale For the New Millennium

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The Road To Higher Consciousness
...linking intellect and intuition...
  • New Consciousness in a Nutshell
    “New Consciousness – the evolutionary phenomenological awareness that individual ‘I’ consciousness is the primal Universal Oneness experienced through unique filters and adjectives.” That’s what...
  • How Crazy Is The World Right Now?
    I can’t remember when congressional hearings were such fodder for gatherings at the local tavern… but these days they are.  Drink in hand, we take...
  • Morphing From Trombone to Sunset Strip
    Who would have thunk it, but today I turn 77.  This little piece of meat, this combination of loving thoughts and snarky comments, this...