Dear Reader...

This website has a very simple premise. It goes like this:

A single source of consciousness permeates everything in the universe and is constantly evolving into diverse aspects of itself.

As a human being, when you feel your very existence, when you say "I", you are touching this conscious core that is shared by all. When you realize your uniqueness, when you describe the things that set your "I" apart from all other "I"s, you are celebrating the diversity it creates.

If you are one of the evolved beings who already feels this Oneness and lives by its truths, then I have nothing to teach you, although you might want to play the games and do the exercises just for the fun of it... and feel free to buy copies of The Roving "I" to give to friends.

If you don't already know and live as though the premise given above is true, then you probably should take time to pore through the website, play the games, do the exercises and meditations, and read through the book in search of your very own Roving "I". Why? Because once enough people know it and live it, we'll realize that we are all truly connected to one another and war, hunger, suffering, and all the bad stuff of society will go away and humanity will at last usher in a world of Perpetual Peace and Universal Understanding.

I call this approach to life Pragmatic Integralism, but you can call it anything you like. Also, whether you approach this reality from the external material diversity or the internal spiritual unity doesn't matter. Whether you call it science or religion doesn't matter. Whether you think of this consciousness as supernatural and call it God, or just think of it as the way things are and call it The Grand Unification Theory doesn't matter either. What does matter is that we, as human beings, exist at the meeting ground of its two extremes and are able to understand and experience its true nature. However, until we do, our survival and the survival of the planet we live on is an iffy thing at best.

Knowledge of this sort is not the type that can be taught from the lectern or the pulpit, although many people try, claiming their path to be the only way to truth. Rather, such knowledge occurs as a sudden...

... of knowing within each one of us. Games of Consciousness will not preach, therefore, but simply lead you, the reader, to the doorway of this next evolutionary manner of viewing and experiencing reality where, if you wish, you are free to step across the threshold on your own.

What follows are numerous attempts and differing approaches to explain, illumine, describe, discuss and allow you to experience this one all encompassing reality. Why differing approaches? Why not? People are different. What appeals to you may turn off another. What leads you to see the light may leave someone else completely in the dark. You may not relate to all that follows, however, hopefully something will resonate along the way and you'll end up with a new and exciting understanding of yourself, the Absolute, and your place in the Universe. Have fun.

* * *