It would have been easier, of course, to share all this information if we could have done it face to face over a cup of coffee. Then we could have read each other's expressions and felt each other's passion and I would have known whether my words reached you or put you to sleep. We could have asked questions of each other and clarified details and interrupted each other's sentences in a true dialogue of like minds.

Since that's not an option, getting the most from Games of Consciousness and The Roving "I" will require a little more effort from you than just starting at the beginning, plowing through the middle, and stopping when you reach the end. That's because both the book and the site are not just about the new consciousness. They are the new consciousness. The challenge is not how fast you can get through it, but how well you can actually experience it. The key is Self-awareness.

As you browse the web site and read the book, take time to play the games and do the exercises that I've developed to help the process. Then stop to let the results sink in. And then stop again to recognize that they have sunk in. This is the only thing that will make them real.

Some other simple suggestions may also help. As you prepare to get into the subject, get comfortable and take some deep breaths to slow down. Turn off your cell phone. Unplug yourself from your iPod. If you can meditate, do so. The calmer, more centered, more peaceful you are, the more you'll be aware of your inner experiences and this, after all, is the whole point of what we're attempting, becoming aware of your inner Self, becoming aware of your consciousness.

It's also a good idea to simply experience what's happening as it's happening in as much detail as possible, wherever it leads. Don't pass judgment on any new experiences while in the process. There'll be time for critical analysis later, when you slip back into your usual conscious state. 'Now' is when you are gathering the information central to that analysis. 'Here' is where you are experiencing a new and equally valid way of reality, what is known in anthropological circles as "going native."

Take your time, play the games, follow the logic, feel the feelings, reflect on what you are experiencing, and you will find when you are done that you just might have crossed a threshold of mind and entered the new reality. You will not just know about the new consciousness from the outside, you will be able to live it from the inside.

If all you get from Games of Consciousness and The Roving "I" is arms length knowledge, we have failed. If you get both knowledge and experience, then we have lift off.

Finally, and this is very important. Know that I have never ceased to question dogma, sectarianism, or assumptions masquerading as truth. I expect the same of you as we explore what follows. I ask nothing of you that I have not done myself, and neither want nor expect you to alter any of your critical facilities or deeply held belief systems based on my words alone. If what I say here does not ring true for you, reject it.

However, I do request that you be open to new ideas that build on what you already know and believe. Be willing to try them out for yourself, in the safety and privacy of your own mind. Then look back and see how they fit in. If you do, by the time you've made it through the website and the book, what is real and true for you may well be different than it is right now and your current beliefs may be even more profound and meaningful. The only preacher you need ever fear is the one who says se way is the only way. When you hear that, head for the exit.

So with this apparent paradox in mind, the common experience of unique experiencing, shared via the imperfect medium of words, I open the doors of my personal consciousness lab for your inspection. Come on in. I will tell you the relevant history of the laboratory's curator, describe the lab's creation, show you its equipment, recount the experiments tried, and share the results achieved. Take your time, nose around, and feel free to take anything back to your own lab for use and testing.

Remember, I do not claim this to be the right way to set up a consciousness laboratory, and certainly it's not the only way. This is simply the way it was done by the 'I' on the other side of the words you are currently reading. Enjoy your visit and please clean up after yourself.


* * *

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