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The Roving I

The Roving I is all about consciousness and what we mean when we say the word "I". This sense of Self, and the feeling that "I" am an individual and unique being separate from "you" is vital to understanding today's highly competitive society, with its win/lose mentality. Some say the feeling of separateness is the key to being human.

While a strong sense of Self is important in human development if a person is to achieve their maximal potential, it can be taken to extremes. Too many people tend to think that the particular set of characteristics, attributes, and beliefs that they embody are somehow better or more advanced than someone else's. It goes without saying that this feeling that my "I" is better than your "I" has led to all of the wars, oppressions, and personal and societal injustices in human history, whatever describes the participants or particulars of any individual conflict.

It need not be this way. How we define our "I" is not a constant that has gone unchanged throughout the course of human history nor is it destined to remain as it is in the future. In fact, this critical aspect at the core of our very being is currently undergoing a basic evolutionary change that is destined to alter the direction of life on Earth. This major paradigm shift is what The Roving I is all about.

The Roving I will try to convey this new paradigm through reason and logic, stories and games, intellect and intuition in the hope that each "I" who reads this book will find at least one path that resonates and leads to the final goal. Hopefully, by the time you finish this book you will recognize that even though to the outward eye we are each separate and unique individuals, there's really only one "I" that inhabits and animates us all. When enough of us do recognize this, we will, indeed, live in a world of tolerance and peace as it was intended.